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March 27, 2015 - RED VS WHITE

The whites were ready to play ball today. The weather was great and the Reds were warming up. Oh did I say the Reds, I meant 90% of the Reds attended the game. After the 2nd inning, the Whites had enough runs to not score anymore and still win the game. It was heard in the dugout that the team bus is showing up at the next game for obvious reasons. Whites took it to the Reds big time 17-6.

New Red Team Bus:



March 27, 2015 - WHITE VS RED

GO REDS !! This game drove the bookees nuts. See Saw all the way and with the momentum for this game going to the Whites, the money was all set up for an upset. Oh, contrar mon frar ! It was in bottom of the 7th inning when the Reds found themselves a few runs behind. " Alas young Whites ! What are you doing so late in the game"? Was heard by the Red dugout. As all 'feel good' movies end, so did the Reds by coming back scoring 3 'must' runs to win the game. Reds are way too tough for the NL. Rumor has it there will be a game between both Reds ( AL/NL ) to see if they'll be any changes made next year. Reds took it 14-13.