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Club Members:

The American League Red and White teams will have a make-up game tomorrow, Thursday, at 10:00 am.  Batting Practice will be available from 8:30-9:45 so if you want to have some BP please be at the field early.  The equipment storeroom will be open by 8:15 to set up the equipment for BP so you can be there to help get ready for BP.  The field will be prepped for the fame so please stay off of the infield dirt area during BP.  Thank you and we will see you tomorrow.



February 20th is being set aside, after batting practice, for the “Family” 60+ tourney team

to play a scrimmage game against an LVSSA team.


AMERICAN LEAGUE - Flat, Flat, Flat and more Flat. That's the way the 1st place Blues played today's game. No hitting, bad base running and you lost count of the errors. Yep, even the great ones have a bad day. However, as bad as the Blues played, the Red's were struggling themselves. They had a chance to 'teach' the Blues a lesson, but alas.....a 7th inning Red Hammer run put the game away.
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NATIONAL LEAGUE - Reds and Blues played a nip and tuck game this morning. Trailing 8 to 7 in the top of the seventh inning the comeback kids on the Blue team scored 5 runs to take the game 12 to 9.

The White team got one player each from the Reds and Blues. Rich Kelly and Rich Nichols will undoubtably help the Whites the rest if the season.  




N/L Team Rosters February 6, 2016

  Red Team     White Team     Blue Team    
1 Bush Charlie   Calderone Dom   Barbera Gene  
2 Conlow Brian   Clements Clem   Caldana Marco  
3 Davis Frank   Costanzo, Augie   Flynn Paul  
4 Ford Tommy   Danzak Dick   Gazso Dennis  
5 Goodspeed Don   Dinapoli John   Guerrero Angel  
6 Griffin Joe   Geyer George   Kilgore Steve  
7 Krane Billy   Kelly Rich   Martin Eddie  
8 McKeown Ed   Light Bob   Martinez Danny  
9 McKillip Tommy   Nichols Rich   Moore Gary  
10 Riach Doug   Sell Gary   Odierno Al  
11 Romano Al   Slaughter Rick   Poquette Paul  
12 Stacey John   Suggett Gary   Roskens Russ  
13 Tignino Phil   Thometz Ed   Slinn Dennis  
14 Warren Hank   Wiener Lenny   Yanchak Rich  
A Elle Jack A Bucelato Ron A Dudley Mike  
B Nelson Roy C Brooks Tim D Gold Norm  
      B Rose Stanley C Kellett Dan  
A Currently unable to play/might be back this season  
B Unlikely to be back this season
C No Contact D No Longer Able To Play